Clade genomics of Vertebrates.

We have developed a pipeline for clade analysis. Orthologs are predicted between all pairs of genomes using Leo Goodstadt's PhyOP. Pairwise orthology predictions are then clustered and multiple alignments are built for each cluster using Robert Edgar's MUSCLE. Phylogenetic trees are estimated using Heng Li's TreeBeST.
The result of this pipeline, clusters, trees and multiple alignments, can be accessed via these pages.


The following species have been included in this analysis:
Species Full Name
H. sapiens Homo sapiens
M. musculus Mus musculus
C. familiaris Canis familiaris
Cow Bos taurus
Bowhead whale Bal. mysticetus
Dolphin Tursiop truncatus
O. anatinus O anatinus
B. balaenoptera Balae

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We have several lists of orthologous groups available:
simple ortholog sets list of 1:1 orthologs for 2..n species
ortholog groups list of orthologous groups
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This is version optic_bmysticetus, released on unknown.