This page lists orthologous groups that are orphans, i.e. contain only genes of one species. This is not a complete list of orphans, as it only lists those which are lineage specific duplications. Phylogenetic consistent patterns are in bold. See the legend at the bottom of the page for the order of species in a pattern.
Pattern Number of groups
000000100 53
000100000 49
010000000 43
100000000 21
000000010 8
000001000 2


Nr. Species
1 S. cerevisiae
2 S. paradoxus
3 S. mikatae (WashU)
4 S. mikatae (MIT)
5 S. kudriavzevii
6 S. bayanus (WashU)
7 S. bayanus (MIT)
8 S. castellii
9 S. kluyverii