Species Abbreviation Assembly Gene set NContigs NResidues NGaps
Homo sapiens H. sapiens NCBI 36 Oct 2005 Ensembl Aug 2006 54 3.1gb 226.6mb
Mus musculus M. musculus NCBI m36 Dec 2005 Ensembl Apr 2006 35 2.7gb 97.2mb
Canis familiaris C. familiaris CanFam 2.0, May 2006 Ensembl, Dec 2006 42 2.5gb 146.7mb
Monodelphis domestica M. domestica monDom5, Oct 2006 Ensembl, Feb 2007 10 3.6gb 106.6mb
Ornithorhynchus anatinus O. anatinus Ornithorhynchus_anatinus-5.0, Dec 2005 Ensembl, May 2007 291367 2.1gb 155.5mb
Gallus gallus G. gallus WASHUC2, May 2006 Ensembl, Aug 2006 58 1.1gb 57.9mb
Please note that some of these assemblies might not have been published. Please abide by the code of the Fort Lauderdale agreement. Restrictions on the use of the assemblies imposed by the sequencing centers still apply.