This server presents serves genes predictions and orthologous groups.

Latest News

Date Action Message
09 JUN 2009 bugfix fixed next/previous button in ortholog group lists browsing
09 JUN 2009 feature added download option for orthlog group list contents
08 JUN 2009 bugfix fixed sort order in news items
08 JUN 2009 feature added advanced query option to search for orthologous groups
30 JUL 2008 update Added worms release 2. Same data. Previous version used ds in phyop, now uses bitscore like all the other clades.
30 JUL 2008 bugfix Some sequences were missing in multiple alignments of transcripts
07 JAN 2008 update Added "genomic" phylogenetic trees.
28 NOV 2007 update Added a yeast clade.
28 NOV 2007 feature Added genomic phylogenetic trees for all clades
28 NOV 2007 bugfix The group_id in multiple alignments were incorrect. This affected exactly one gene/transcript per ortholog groups.