Species Abbreviation Assembly Gene set NContigs NResidues NGaps
Drosophila simulans D. simulans Caf1:Washington Univ. (WUGSC) gpipe_v6 17 142.4mb 15.2mb
Drosophila sechellia D. sechellia Caf1:Broad Institute gpipe_v3 14730 166.6mb 9.3mb
Drosophila yakuba D. yakuba Caf1:Washington Univ (WUGSC). gpipe_v7 20 168.6mb 6.1mb
Drosophila erecta D. erecta Caf1:Agencourt gpipe_v6 5124 152.7mb 7.6mb
Drosophila ananassae D. ananassae Caf1:Agencourt gpipe_v6 13749 231.0mb 17.1mb
Drosophila pseudoobscura D. pseudoobscura Caf1:Baylor gpipe_v8 4896 152.7mb 6.7mb
Drosophila persimilis D. persimilis Caf1:Broad Institute gpipe_v3 12838 188.4mb 12.8mb
Drosophila willistonis D. willistonis Caf1:Venter Institute (JCVI) gpipe_v1 14927 236.7mb 12.2mb
Drosophila virilis D. virilis Caf1:Agencourt gpipe_v6 13530 206.0mb 16.8mb
Drosophila mojavensis D. mojavensis Caf1:Agencourt gpipe_v6 6841 193.8mb 13.6mb
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