A Transcriptomic Atlas of Mouse Neocortical Layers

Welcome to the supplementary website for Belgard, et al. (2011) (pdf).

This is the interactive webpage, where you can query specific genes and transcripts. Supplementary figures, tables, notes and data can be found here. See also the related site CORTx: A Functional Browser for the Transcriptomes of Neocortical Layers.

Browse by gene symbol: genes sorted by expression level (sorted by FPKM in A, B1, B2, C, D, E, F), genes sorted by probability of enrichment in each layer averaged over all three datasets (Layers 2/3, Layer 4, Layer 5, Layer 6, Layer 6b, Patterned/Unpatterned).

Search: Enter a single Ensembl gene ID (e.g. ENSMUSG00000042589) or transcript ID (e.g. ENSMUSG00000027712) (release 57) or a de novo gene ID (e.g. XLOC_901611) or transcript ID (e.g. TCONS_01574792) (download GTF of de novo models here). Alternatively, enter a single gene symbol used by Ensembl (e.g. Anxa5), which will return all known and de novo genes and transcripts associated with that symbol. Search is case insensitive.

Gene or transcript ID (gives the detailed view including plots and replication data)


Gene symbol

Correspondence of dissected samples to layers (see paper):

Citation: TG Belgard, AC Marques, PL Oliver, H Ozel Abaan, TM Sirey, A Hoerder-Suabedissen, F García-Moreno, Z Molnár, EH Margulies, CP Ponting. 2011. A Transcriptomic Atlas of Mouse Neocortical Layers. Neuron 71(4), 605-616.

Please direct questions about the website to Grant Belgard. This site is not intended for programatic access. All underlying data (and more) can be downloaded here.

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